6 Use of Audio-Visual Aids

6.1 Introduction

There are numerous audio-visual aids that you could use in your lessons. This unit will focus will on selected audio-visual aids that are normally available in your school. Some of these aids could be made by you. However, the focus of this unit will not be on how to make these aids but on their use.

Why do I think you need to use audio-visual aids in your lesson?

a. To maintain a high level of interest in the lesson

b. To get students to use the language, especially at the beginning stages

c. To promote greater student participation

d. They can be used at all levels of learning

What do you think? Jot down your ideas and compare them with mine. Click on each of my ideas above to see how I have elaborated on them.

Now work through Units 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4 to learn how best you can use these teaching aids to make your teaching more effective and interesting.

6.4 Resources on the Internet


There is an enormous amount of resources on the Internet that you can use to help you to teach and your students to learn. However, for the purpose of this unit, only a small aspect of these resources will be discussed. This aspect involves resources on the Internet from which your students can be directly involved in the learning of the English language as a second language. Resources that can help you to plan and improve your teaching skill will not be discussed in this unit.

Why use the resources from the Internet for your language class?

Why is there resistance to the use of the Internet from some teachers?

Please remember that technology must be used not because it is there BUT because it enhances language learning experiences

  What activities can you carry out with your students using the resources available on the Internet? Here are just a few possible activities:

E-mailing Activities

The World Wide Web


Try out some of the activities suggested in the above-mentioned web sites should you have an opportunity to have access to the Internet with your students. Do these activities work with your students? Share your experience with a colleague. Let me know through email (

6.5 Links